As a qualified drafter, I’m able to help private individuals with the setting up of all administrative documents concerning works that do not require the signing of an architect:

– Permis de Construire (construction permit), for any construction with a footprint (“emprise au sol”) and a floor space (“surface de planchers”) each less than 170 m2 (in accordance with the Code de l’urbanisme as of March 01, 2012)

– Déclaration Préalable de Travaux (used instead of a Permis de Construire for a great deal of minor construction projects)

– Permis de Démolir (demolition permit)

These administrative files include various graphic documents (depending on what they relate to: situation plan, cadastral plan, ground plan, elevations, sections, in-situ 3D view), a few photos and an administrative form describing the project.

I’ll be glad to help you set up the administrative file you need so it can be submitted to the local planning authorities for approval.

Here below are examples of administrative files for small construction projects:

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