In the past, I’ve worked several years for the European office of an American golf course design and construction company (Robert Trent Jones Senior). I started as a drafter in Spain and went on to work as a site representative for a 36-hole project outside Paris. At the time, this office had numerous projects in progress all over Europe. As part of my job, I followed all the works on site, including earthmoving, shaping, drainage, irrigation, green & tee construction and seeding.

Because of that experience, I am very familiar with surveyor plans and contours. As a drafter, part of my work was to redesign contours in order to include all cuts and fills associated with the earthmoving phase.

Upon completion of this project, I parted with the company and went to the United States to work as a greenkeeper at the Wakonda Golf Club in Des Moines, Iowa. I was part of a greenkeeping crew of about 25 people and took part in all basic maintenance tasks. I also worked on small renovation projects.

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